Green Dominican Amber 33 Prayer Beads

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Green Dominican Amber 33  Prayer Bead. Oval shaped beads having the size of 9×12 mm . The tasbih’s style is classical. Strung in classical Ottoman style. Completely handmade.

*Is Blue Amber truly green? No. It is not. And yet, it is. Confused? We know that it is a result of fluorescence and no solid color. Ultra-violet or violet light is re-emitted as blue or green light attributed to the presence of poly-nuclear aromatic molecules. You see the same green amber tesbih. When sunlight strikes the tesbih on a white surface the light particles pass right through and are refracted by the white surface. Result: the tesbih looks almost like any other Dominican amber, only with a slight green hue. But on the other picture, the light particles can’t refract off the black surface, so it is the Amber that refracts. The hydrocarbons in the green Amber turn the sun’s ultraviolet light into green light particles.