Master Bahri Bulbul Blue Dominican Amber Rosary


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Master Bahri Bulbul Blue Dominican Amber Rosary. I want to present you a fabulous piece of art completely handmade. This tasbih is very special and made for collectioners only. Turkey is a famous country with handicraft. Everybody knows Turkish yataghans, paper marbling, Turkish-Ottoman calligraphy, Turkish carpets and art of tasbih. There is an idiom which is said for our art of tasbih; the most beautiful tasbih is made in Turkey. Since 16th century the most beautiful tasbihs of Islamic world were made in Istanbul by Ottomans and still is made. I would like you to examine the tasbih carefully and notice the beautiful craftsmanship. The tasbih’s style is “Ottoman Classical Style”.

As I have mentioned, the tasbih is completely handmade. The craftsman who made this masterpiece of art is one of the best tasbih masters Bahri Bulbul. Master Bahri, is one of the best craftsmen because it is a family business inheritance from his ancestors. He combines his fabulous skill of craftsmanship with years and generations of experience coming from his inheritance. Master Bahri can make all known and popular styles and kinds of tasbih, namely classical, inlay work, carving etc. On the tasbih he has his signature golden tughra.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Binali Erdogan and many more politicians and famous people own Master Bahri’s pieces. Master only makes collectables. I can assure you that owning one of Master Bahri’s pieces is a real privilege. I offer you this privilege.

The tesbih carved from single piece of dominican blue amber rock. 45 oval shaped beads having the size of 10×14 mm. It weighs 50 gr (approx). As you know blue color is RARE and expensive according to green amber. Blue amber is very sensitive material to work. Buying stones is very risky , you might not get a tesbih if the stone has cracks etc. As i mentioned before it is suprise box.

Marvellous piece for collectors