Antique Ottoman Faturan Amber Bakelite Prayer Beads


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Antique Ottoman Faturan Amber Bakelite Prayer Beads. Very nice tesbih. It is very hard to find a tesbih like this one. Unfortunately There are 6 beads missing. 27 long barrel shaped beads having the size of 15×21 mm. It weighs 108 grams without tassel. It comes with old tassel. Famous kazaz Master Ulvi Iskender wanted its tassel photos to add his archive. The beads of tesbih have helical veins. It has single piece imame , not attached nor 2 pieces. %100 original , not a painted one. The tasbih has interesting story as well. I bought it from a foreigher and had a opportunity to chat with him. His father was born in 1897 and worked in Zonguldak (turkish city) coal mine as it was operated by foreigners and bought the tesbih during his stay in Zonguldak.