Kazaziye Art

Although  there is not much information available concerning the history of  kazaiye history, it is peculiar to Trabzon.

After Trabzon’ being conquered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461, managing of the silver mines which are in Gümüşhane, carrying the raw silver to Trabzon Harbour by animals and carrying it from there to İstanbul and other cities by means of ships positively affected the trade of Trabzon. For commemoration Fatih’s conquering Trabzon, silver tables carrying the name of Trabzon are made and hanged before the silver shops in Trabzon.

Kazaziye art is a whip art which has been created by Caucasian artists who came to the Black Sea Reagion with Tsar of Russian in 1914 and who did not go back.

Another thesis claims that the history of kazaziye goes back to Lydia civilization in Mezapotamia.

For kazaziye which is completely hand art, 24 grade pure gold and thousand grade pure silver are turned into a fine wire with the thick of 0.08  micron. With the help of silver lace which is bounded around this wire, the wire gets thicker.  Various parts are taken from this wire completely based on the wire netting art.  These small particles are combined and they are turned into accessories. Formerly, kazaziye art was used only for rosary tag, but now it is used for various products.