About Us

My interest in tesbih (prayer beads) has started when i received a prayer beads as my fifteenth birthday present from a family member. After i collected some prayer beads as an ameteur. I have begun let make beads by famous masters by using the materials i brought from abroad. Presently i sell my prayer beads to my customers in abroad.

In this world where aas a negative result of the globalization the western culture , popular life style became dominant. My purpose is to encourage the interest in prayer beads that is one of our traditional art and to give support to the art. Beside that i aim to bring rare materials  and matchless workmanship of the Turkish masters together and to provide collectors correctly defined and well described items.

Thank you very much visiting my site. Your opinion is most important.  Please do not hesitate to contact. I will be very pleased of sharing your opinions, suggestions and other ideas you may have.Furthermore if you even not be interested in the prayer beads in my site i would be pleased to help you about the materials , the workmanship and the value of the prayer beads that you own.